Pinterest is the most visual of social media outlets. This makes it perfect for jewelry business owners. Images, specifically image searches, are on the rise. It’s also a great place for users to archive recipes, images, and inspiration. Here are a few Pinterest tips and tricks to grow you reach in 2021.

Pay attention to your hashtags and keywords

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest relies on hashtags. So, when you do post images, make sure that your hashtags are on point. This is especially true because, with Pinterest, folks can find your images years after they’re posted.

Like search engines, Pinterest relies on keywords to help those searching finding what they want. The product description should always include gemstone information, materials, and any other descriptors that your market is searching for.

Imagery matters

Pinterest is visual in nature, so it’s important to make sure you know how to take photos of your jewelry. This will insure that your images are up to snuff and will help generate attention. Use the same photography tactics you would for an online store; make sure there is good lighting, that your jewelry is in focus, and get a variety of shots of your jewelry designs.

Use the business account features

Like with many social media platforms, Pinterest has a business platform for business owners. Making sure you’re set up as a business account can help you link accounts so when people click they go to your other linked pages. And, even boost posts for greater reach.

Pinterest tips and tricks for growing your reach

As a visual platform, Pinterest offers jewelry business owners a way to grow their reach. What
tips to improve your Pinterest jewelry page do you swear by for being successful? Share your tips below!

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