Every spring, starting at the beginning of April, I shift my mindset from winter towards spring. The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up (although Colorado will undoubtedly still have a few snow storms left of the season) and I crave adding vibrant colors back into my wardrobe. This goes for both my clothes and my jewelry accessories.

Luckily, every year Pantone releases colors that are intended to be worn for the season. While I normally gravitate towards the fall colors the most, this year I turned towards the spring 2019 Pantone colors for my inspiration. As an added bonus, Jesse James Beads carries collections in these fun hues each season.

I was so inspired by the beads that were part of the 2019 Spring collection I couldn’t help but use several different mixes as the base for my Spring Pantone jewelry collection. I snagged the terrarium moss, pink peacock, sweet lilac, living coral, mango mojito and jester read mixes making this collection has been a fun challenge to create monochromatic designs and accessories that mix colors together. With the warmer hues I choose, I had fun incorporating golds and leather to add to the richness that differs from some of my silver based designs.

The vibrant colors certainly play into the season, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them. Shop the Pantone Spring jewelry collection today!

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