e of the biggest foes of any jewelry maker is space. Finding the right space to house your supplies can be a tricky thing to do.

Since I started making jewelry in middle school, I’ve used a variety of techniques to organize my supplies and over time I’ve figured out some tips any jewelry designer can use to create a functional work area for jewelry making. Whether you have a dedicated room or need to organize a closet to house all your supplies, here are some tips you can use to make your space successful.

Use plastic organizers

For loose beads or other small supplies, plastic organizers are a great option. Whether it’s a flat holder that has small compartments or a plastic organizer with drawers you can get at most hardware stores, there are plenty of options that can help organize your life.

I’ve used both of these options during my jewelry making history and I currently favor the flat plastic organizer option. It fits better in my space and allows me to organize my extra beads by color. I also have several bins that I use to hold my wire and findings.

This flat organizer holds my extra beads and is categorized by color.
My large bins hold my wire and stringing wire, along with extra charms.

Use your vertical wall space

Vertical space is often overlooked, and I am of the opinion this is the most valuable organization space for someone. Use your wall space by hanging cork boards you can pin supplies to, hang shelves that can hold jars with your files or other tools, and hang hooks to suspend tools from.

When I lived in a townhouse I rented, I used command products to hang three different cork boards on top of one another. I then was able to pin my bead strands in a way that I could easily look at, and seeing the supplies vs. pulling them out of bags always helps me create jewelry easier.

Installing hooks can help you hang items vs. keeping them on your workspace.

Install shelves or buy shelving units

Shelves are your friend. Whether they are small ones that you can hang to hold your tools or larger bookshelves, adding these to your wall space can increase the space on your workbench.

I starting using shelves when I rented my townhouse. Because I rented, I opted for foldable compact shelves and they made all the difference for storing supplies. In my new space, I inherited two large bookshelves. They’re amazing for holding my larger tools, my jewelry making book and DVD collection (most of them from Interweave) and my supplies. Investing in shelves is another way to maximize vertical space.

This small shelf was hung by me and can hold jars of tools and other small items.
I love my large bookshelves. They can hold items I don’t often use, as well as my DVDs and books.

Hang racks and grates

Adding grates to any vertical space is amazing for those working with beads. I installed two large metal racks, purchased some very inexpensive shower curtain hooks, and now hang all of my bead strands from these racks. It is a statement piece among any jewelry maker who visits my space and is the best way for me to see all my bead options.

You can find metal racks at resale stores. Look for old oven shelves, refrigerator grates (some old models have these) or other shelving items that you can hang items from.

These grates hold my bead strands. I hang them using shower curtain hooks and classify by color, making it easier to see the different bead options I have.

Less time searching more time making jewelry

If your space is organized, you’ll spend less time organizing and more time making beautiful jewelry. Use these different organization ideas to make your work area for jewelry making work for you.

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