Goals are key to helping a person grow. They’re also key to helping businesses be successful. In 2018, I started a tradition I hope to continue in the years coming: I wrote out my Jewelry Business Resolutions for 2018. I did this to help me stay accountable, and to have a written record to compare myself to at the end of the year.

Today, I want to recap my New Year jewelry business resolutions from 2018, and also solidify my business resolutions for 2019.

2018 Goal 1: More Craft Shows – Accomplished

In 2018 I wanted to grow the number of shows that I participated in. I can say with 5 shows under my belt for this year I certainly accomplished that goal.

2018 Goal 2: Better Social Media Presence – Accomplished… sorta

I think I finally started to maybe get my groove down by the end of 2018. But This is one goal I don’t think I really was as successful at as I wanted to be.

2018 Goal 3: Grown my Inventory – Accomplished

I wanted to create a wide variety of items that were at different price points to give my shoppers more options when they bought from me. By making more simple designs and necklaces that have more of a charm style, I was able to accomplish this successfully.

2018 Goal 4: Bring Back Metalsmithing – Accomplished

I may have only made one item in 2018, but it served the purpose of getting my creativity going for future items. I have a few designs I’m working through that I hope to finish and release in 2019.

2018 Goal 5: Clean up Etsy Shop – Not accomplished

I planned to switch out some of my old photography and pour time into this for my business. Unfortunately, time got away from me and I wasn’t able to accomplish this goal. I hope I’ll be able to get this done in 2019.

2019 goals:

Now that I’ve recapped where I ended my year, here are my New Years jewelry business resolutions for the upcoming year.

More events closer to home

I increased the number of shows I participated in during 2018. In 2019, I’d like to take some of the things I learned about attending craft shows and selectively choose the shows I want to participate in. Specifically, I’d like to find more shows near Frot Collins to participate in; being close to home makes show day Fort easier and less stressful. I’d also like to find events that are only one day, so they don’t suck up my whole weekend.

Indoor, one-day events that can help increase my exposure and can help me sell more jewelry are my end goal and are something I’ll be looking for more of in 2019.

Introduce different lines for my jewelry designs

In 2018 I diversified the salespoint offerings that I designed. In 2019, I’d like to be more strategic with what I design and experiment more with lines. This would mean timing my releases to be at the same time, especially when they follow the same theme. But I’d also like to begin designing multiples of items, with the hope of creating more items that are popular or even trying to sell locally to shops.

Diversify my Social Media presence

In 2018 I wanted to create a consistent social media presence. It took some time to get a more consistent strategy going, but in 2019 I’d like to start experimenting more with other platforms that can drive engagement.

Specifically, I’d like to grow my Pinterest page. Ideally, I would like to place all my new designs on there and have some inspiration boards on the platform. I know Pinterest presents many great opportunities for jewelry artists, so maximizing these would be awesome.

Email newsletters

I sent my first email in April 2017; it was the last email I sent. Creating an email list and regularly sending to the list is something I hope to get off the ground in 2019. My goal is to feature my events, have special offers to my buyers, and feature my newest designs with my shop updates.

Better photography

I don’t like taking photos of my jewelry. It’s probably my least favorite part of the process. So to save myself the time I have a default place that I always photograph on and I use my phone because it’s easy.

I’m not saying that will change in 2019 but I do want to try and edit my photos to enhance them a bit more. And try to make sure my jewelry is in focus in the inalienable jewelry shots that I post online.

2019 resolutions to help my business grow

Each year I want to see myself getting more and more in the black, and 2019 is no exception. I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish with the help of my 2019 jewelry business resolutions and am glad I can use this post to help keep me motivated and on track.

Setting goals and resolutions should be something that is achievable for your business and can help motivate you to succeed. What resolutions do you have for the coming year? Share them below in the comments!

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