When I need jewelry supplies quickly, I visit Stone Stop Jewelers & Supplies. Each time I visit the store in person, I’ll ask my friend and owner of the store Courtney about any items she recommends.

I’ve known Courtney for years, since even before she started her own supply shop. She’s done a lot to recommend different tools in my studio as I’ve been building it. For this reason, I often pick her brain about supplies and tools she would recommend.

On this trip, she actually had something that was very appealing; a used metalsmith bench. I’ve had my eyes on a metalsmith bench for years since I saw a new one at a jewelry supply store.

After mulling it over I decided that it was worth the investment, especially at such a great price. My studio may look different and the jewelry workspace organization may be different than it was before, but I’m so excited to have an official metalsmith bench in my space. I can already notice the difference, and I look forward to seeing what beautiful items are created at the bench.

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