When you’re shopping for others, sometimes it’s hard to find the right jewelry design for that special someone. With so much emphasis placed on finding the right meaningful gift during the holidays, there’s added pressure placed on gift-giving. If you’re looking for jewelry gift ideas, here are a few different necklace options for the different people in your life.

Bling Necklaces

Do you have someone in your life who loves extra sparkle and pizazz? Then my bling and sparkle necklaces may be the best gift for them. Many of these looks feature the clasp right in the front, giving the necklace a stylish a-symmetrical look.

I love the different blingy strands I get from Jesse James Beads, and in most cases, they work well as beautiful accent necklaces. This year, I’ve made several that would make great gifts for that friend that isn’t afraid to be a bit bold.

Charm Necklaces

If you know someone who prefers a simple look, my charm necklaces are the perfect jewelry gift ideas for that friend. Each features something a little different, from metal charm elements like feathers and drops to tassels and shimmering crystals. Each necklace features a unique trio that makes the look unique. Some even feature gemstones, giving a pop of color. Each necklace offers the wearer a beautiful necklace that can be layered or stand out on its own.

Gemstone Accent Necklaces

I love gemstones, which is why I have so many in so many different colors. These high-quality stones are best displayed as the beautiful accents they were intended to be. Similar to my charm necklaces, these necklaces are great for those who would rather have a simple accessory that doesn’t steal the show. The gemstones are on display, and each is worth ogling in its own way.

Tassel Necklaces

I love adding a longer tassel necklace as an accent to my look, and many feel the same. Each tassel necklace I design is slightly different, but all of them are perfect for higher necklines and adding a fun flair to your look. If you want to add a bit more dimension, these can be layered with my bling necklaces for a dynamic look.

Jewelry gift ideas

If you’re hunting for a necklace to give friends, hopefully, these holiday gift ideas help you find the perfect gift to give. Shop all my unique one-of-a-kind jewelry to find the right accessory to give this holiday season.

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