Nature inspired jewelry is how some jewelry designers create collections or unique stand-alone designs. Natural elements can help add texture, color, and a unique look. If you’re looking for ways you can begin using nature in jewelry, here are four different options you can use.


Feathers add a beautiful texture to any design and can be a lovely accent. This is applicable to real feathers or incorporating the shape within your designs. Use them as a focal for a necklace or accents to earrings, and mix them with beads, leather, chain, or wire. If you’d like them to be more sturdy, you can coat your feature in resin to help it withstand daily wear. As versatile as they are, feathers are a great option for adding a natural element and a bohemian look to your design.

Flowers and Leaves

Flowers and leaves are both versatile elements that you can add to your jewelry with a bit of preparation. They are also great for creating springtime or fall jewelry that is perfect for embracing the season.

Sprinkle leaves and flowers them into bezels with resin, or even paint resin over the flowers to help preserve the color and shape. Leaves during the fall are at their most vibrant, so painting these with resin will also help maintain the color. If you won’t want to use actual elements, using metal or wood charms are a fun accent that comes in several options and can create the same effect. If you want to add a bit of color to the metal, paint it with a patina or paint for the burst of color without being tied to the original item.


Wood is one natural element that can be incorporated into your designs in a variety of ways. Mix and match with wood beads in several shapes, sizes, colors, and textures to add a striking contrast to gemstones or crystals. Find natural wood elements from the outdoors to carve for unique pendants or leave as is. Either way, wood is a wonderful natural element that provides a slew of options.

Nature inspired jewelry for all seasons

Nature is one of the most inspiring designers. Using nature in your jewelry designs is one way to create a unique jewelry collection, or to preserve a season within your work. What are your favorite components from nature to leave in your jewelry designs? Comment below to let me know!

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