Seeing photos of handmade jewelry is much different than seeing it in person. There have been several designs I’ve created that I notice are often overlooked, likely because people have questions about wearing handmade jewelry and how truly versatile that item is.

To try and help you better visualize how to wear my handmade jewelry, here are my tips for how you can wear my jewelry every day and how versatile it truly is.

Bling necklaces

My bling necklaces are one of my favorite designs to make, which is why I have them in a variety of hues and fit almost every season. These necklaces usually have unique metal beads, include beads with unique textures, and sometimes have fabric beads included too.

While these necklaces can seem like a lot in a photo, don’t let that fool you. These necklaces are great for adding a pop of color to a monochromatic look, so they’re a great fit for any office dress you may have. If you’re worried they’re not versatile, these necklaces are at home in more casual settings, dressing up a pair of leggings and a jean jacket too.

No matter what your favorite color may be, there’s a bling necklace for you.

Simple gemstone jewelry

For some looks, you don’t need a flashy accessory. That’s where my gemstone necklaces come in. This design intentionally makes the gemstone the primary accent so that it is front and center.

My simple gemstone necklaces pair well across all outfits. Most of these necklaces have shorter lengths so they work well for dresses with high necklines, or for more casual v-neck shirts. Whether it’s a single color or a patterned top, these necklaces work perfectly as an elegant accent. Easily dress these necklaces up or down to fit your outfit for the day.

Rhinestone bling jewelry

Sometimes you want a pop of sparkle to add to your look. That’s where sparkling rhinestone jewelry comes in. While the rhinestones feel like a lot and may seem overwhelming in photos, the reality is the opposite. The necklaces can work well for an afternoon on the patio with friends, or paired well with a business jacket for a day at the office.

If you’re looking for a more casual necklace, the shorter lengths of my rhinestone necklaces are a great option. I have three different shapes to pick from, each versatile and fun. My bling earrings can also go well in a casual setting pairing well with a jean jacket.

My longer rhinestone necklace is one that is a go-to for me during a day at the office, especially during the winter season. There’s something about the rhinestones that reminds me of sparkling snow. Whether it’s complimenting a green dress I have, or layering for a monochromatic all-white look, this necklace has the shine and shimmer to stand out in all the right ways.

Gemstone necklaces

The most daunting of my designs in photos are my gemstone necklaces. I’ve created necklaces with three different strands of gemstones, or perhaps a single strand with larger beads. And when I talk to those who see these designs the most common feedback I hear is a concern about these necklaces being too heavy. 

While these have weight, they aren’t overwhelming. They add a presence when you wear them and are a reminder to the wearer. And while these designs may seem overbearing to pair with your outfit, they work nicely with a v-neck top or dress. If you’re looking for a pop of color, gemstones are a great way to add that naturally to your look.

Wearing handmade jewelry with any look

Seeing a photo often doesn’t properly translate to wearing handmade jewelry and it can feel hard to know how to style your handmade jewelry and fit it into your life. But, I truly try to create designs that work in a variety of applications, whether you like accessorizing for an afternoon with friends, or for an evening out.

What’s your personal style? Do you need tips for pairing jewelry with your outfits? Drop your questions below; I’d love to help!

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