With the changing seasons comes a good excuse to refresh your wardrobe, and your accessories. One of my favorite way to evoke the feel of spring is with handmade gemstone jewelry. If you’re looking for some new spring jewelry, I have a few designs that go perfectly with the spring season. Here are my top spring jewelry recommendations from my online shop.

Flower Opal Necklace

The Flower Opal Necklace features lovely pinks, yellows, and greens in the opal gemstones that match early spring. I’m obsessed with how well this necklace pairs with floral print shirts for a day outside, or paired with a dress for a day in the office. No matter the occasion, this necklace is the perfect accessory.

Shimmer Pink Druzy Necklace

The Shimmer Pink Druzy Necklace seems basic, but in reality, the finish on the gemstones elevates this necklace with a fun natural sparkle. Pair this necklace with other longer looks, or wear it alone for a fun accent for your springtime looks.

Cherry Blossom Tassel Earrings

I’m shocked that the Cherry Blossom Tassel Earrings are still available. The fun flower charms and pink tassels make for a perfect fun spring accessory. Pair this with a casual spring dress out or wear these earrings to the office for a fun daytime accessory.

Pink Dahlia Coral Accent Necklace

The tri strand Pink Dahlia Coral Accent Necklace makes a statement. The lovely pale pink beads evoke the feeling of spring, especially in the colors that are included naturally in the beads. The final look is sophisticated and elegant and perfectly blends into a spring look

Green Dahlia Necklace

Add a pop of color with the Green Dahlia Necklace. This necklace packs a punch with the green drop bead accent. The diamond filigree and flower charm accent are a great ode to springtime and the early season, and this design is versatile enough to go with any outfit.

My favorite spring jewelry picks

Add a burst of color to your jewelry with my spring-inspired jewelry designs. If you’re looking for my full inventory of stylish designs, shop my Etsy Shop to find the right accessory for you!

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