My trip to the Tucson Gem Show 2020 last month was so much fun. Not only did I get to see some favorite vendors from Tucsons past, but I got to revisit some shows I haven’t been to in years and connect with new vendors.

But between the business time and buying I found some time to make connections and have fun! Here are three especially fond memories that will stick with me from my trip.

Sitting in a giant Amethyst at the Kino Show

I had a friend send me a fun Instagram story that was posted by Michelle and Company of a giant amethyst rock excavated in Brazil. One that is so large an adult could even lay in it. After finding myself at Kino by happy mistake, and wandering into the booth just to look, I got to see the Gem for myself. But the truly cool part was being closed in an equally large amethyst from Uruguay that took 4 months to excavate and cost a cool $500,000. The large amethyst gemstones are always fun and seeing these spectacular sights was especially fun.

Meeting Bernd Munsteiner

Every time I attend GJX with my friend Merle White I get to see some of the most beautiful jewelry designs and Gem cutting a few years ago I happened to see a gorgeous ring designed by Atelier Munsteiner. We joked that it would make a great engagement ring one day. This year at AGTA I happened to meet Bernd Munsteiner, a well-known gem cutter, someone Merle described as a bit of a rockstar in the industry. Will he remember me? Not a chance. Will I remember shaking his hand? Absolutely.

Jewelry classes with John Heusler

At the Interweave party I had a chance to connect with John Heusler, an amazing Gem cutter, metalsmith and the person behind Slabs to Cabs. As we chatted more and more he happened to ask me about classes and pitch that I should attend one of his. I have to say that the thought of taking a jewelry class sounds like so much fun I am likely to take him up on that offer. More to come on that.

Memories from the Tucson Shows

If you attended the shows this year, what unforgettable memories did you make? Share them below in the comments!

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