As the weather slowly warms and the earth becomes alive once more, I feel my inspiration bloom. Much like the flowers you find in early spring, my jewelry designs lean towards the striking hues of early spring. Instead of fighting it, I embrace that the May Flowers collection has become an annual collection that I continue to find inspiring for my creativity.

This year I found a lot of joy creating with lovely pendant accents and stunning gemstones. Accenting fluorite gemstones with a stunning filigree created a favorite accent necklace from the collection. I also layered a leaf pendant with agate gemstone for a lovely pendant in a second necklace. This collection also included several earring pairs that range in style, shape, and length. I never quite know where my imagination will take me when I start a jewelry collection, and I’m truly pleased with how the fifth iteration of the May Flowers collection turned out.

I love revisiting this theme annually and seeing what designs I choose to refresh and revisit, and which ones are completely new. Which design from this year’s collection is your favorite? Share below in the comments and make sure to snag it in my online Etsy Shop now before it’s gone!

PS: Want to take a look back at my past May Flower collection releases? Here are my posts from May Flower jewelry collection releases from 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

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