Last spring when COVID-19 shut the world down, I created one of my most favorite collections to date. It was my May Flowers Spring Jewelry Collection, and I loved every single design that I created. I found it immensely relaxing to go into my studio during times of high stress and anxiety to create beautiful things.

This year, as I contemplated my creativity and wanted to find it again, I returned to the spring inspiration that so excited me last year. I knew I needed to build on this theme and do a follow-up collection.

The May Flowers Volume II spring jewelry collection is, in many ways, a continuation of what I created last year. It’s also a very different collection with different materials, themes, and looks. I’m excited to present these designs that are perfect for the spring season, and for brightening up your wardrobe on a daily basis.

Which design is your favorite? Share your thoughts below and shop the collection online today!

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