In honor of my late friend Sascha, her parents dedicated a garden to her memory in their hometown. Every time I’m visiting, I go visit to see the blooms; with so many plants from around the world, there’s always something to see.

Last year in the early spring I made sure to visit visited the garden during the spring and what I saw were beautiful blooms of all colors. The flowers filled me with inspiration, and it was then that I knew I wanted to create a collection centered around spring flowers. Thus, the May Flowers spring jewelry collection was born.

Since I made the decision to create this collection last year, I had the benefit of time on my side. I also was fortunate to have a trip to Tucson in the middle of planning. While I was there in February, I found several beautiful stones for this collection. At the Kino Gem Show, I found some beautiful Ruby Fuchsite gemstones that reminded me of a spring garden that I just couldn’t resist. And while I was at Gem Mall, I found so many beautiful pink gemstones that I was thrilled to work with. 

For this collection I let the stones speak to me. Because many of the stone types matched, I gravitated toward my tri-strand necklace design, creating more in a single collection than I ever have. I also played with more simple pieces, featuring gemstones as the accent in differing ways. The additional time I had allowed me to create metalsmith designs to the collection. And I had a chance to add fun floral accents to the designs.

I have to say, this may be one of my favorite collections to date, even more than my Summer Sunsets jewelry collection. I’ve had many of these on my dresser for the past few weeks, which has given me plenty of opportunities to wear the designs myself. And I have; almost every day I’ve reached for one of these to add an extra touch to my look.

I’m so proud of the May Flowers Spring jewelry collection. As always, you can shop for your favorite in my Etsy Shop.

Which item is your favorite? Share below in the comments.

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