Facebook is one of the original social media platforms, and they’ve been able to stay at the forefront of trends and popularity for over 10 years. For this reason, this is a critical social media platform for those with jewelry businesses.

If you’re looking for a way to engage your audience and grow your brand, Facebook is one of the best platforms to do both. If you’re trying to learn how to promote a jewelry business on Facebook, here are some important considerations.

How to Promote a Jewelry Business on Facebook Using Organic Techniques

One of the first rules to grow a following on Facebook is to be consistent with your online presence. If you set up a page and ignore it, your audience will notice. Facebook will notice too; in fact, it tends to show pages with high engagement in news feeds more often than those that are ignored.

So if you want to organically grow your audience without paying money on advertising, start with a consistent presence of posting. This means one-two posts every day. Schedule ahead of time to help make this easier.

If you’re looking for a way to engage your audience organically, one of the best ways is to post a live video. As jewelry artists, the possibilities are endless in this realm: show off your studio, demo a technique, have your audience help pick out the materials for your newest jewelry creation, or even host a question and answer session with your followers. As an added bonus, Facebook prefers to organically show video, so if you plan to post a video or two a month, you can truly grow your audience.

How to use Facebook Advertising Effectively

Unfortunately, for businesses, organic may not be enough after all the changes that Facebook has made. Paying is the best way to make sure your posts and content are seen by the groups you want.

If you want to try and increase your engagement, paying to boost your post is one of the best tools you can use. Find a post that’s performing will with your audience organically, and pay to boost it. By boosting content that’s already performing well you can make sure you’re only paying to promote content that is going to resonate with audiences similar to the one you already have.

The organic and advertising techniques on Facebook will help you successfully grow your audience. Are you still curious about how to promote a jewelry business on Facebook? Leave your questions below.

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