I’m so fortunate that my friends trust me enough to help create custom wedding jewelry for their weddings. This summer, I had the privilege to work with my friend Kristen on her wedding jewelry.

When I meet with a bride for her wedding jewelry consultation, I ask a few important questions. The first is when the wedding will take place. As strange as it may sound, the season does matter and can shape how the jewelry is designed. The second is asking about wedding colors. If the bride is passionate about the colors she’s chosen, I want to include them in the designs. Lastly, I ask about a theme for the wedding. If it’s something fun and personal, that’s another element worth tieing into the jewelry.

Kristen was getting married in the fall and had chosen colors that matched: a wine, deep purple, and golds. And one of the big themes of her wedding was sheet music since she and her husband met in the marching band in college. She expressed that she was planning to use old sheet music as flowers at her wedding.

I immediately thought of creating something in resin. Capturing some of the sheet music that Kristen was reusing in her wedding would perfectly tie into the jewelry and tell the story of how the couple met. She loved this idea and easily picked a teardrop-shaped pendant from Nunn Designs.

Cutting the sheet music just right was the main way to create an interesting pendant. I searched for areas in the music that were interesting musically to highlight. And because it was pep music, I had fun cutting out some moments of chanting and some of the names of the songs to add meaning for the wearers.

I accented each necklace with beads that matched her wedding colors to add a pop of color. We matched the bridesmaid dress colors and I opted for the non-symmetrical accent of three stones to add a pop of color, but keep the focus on the bezel.

Kristen loved the end result, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out as well. She got to give her bridesmaids a beautiful gift that has meaning and is a personal memento from her special day. Her positive reaction of the end product is what I’m most proud of.

handmade wedding jewelry

If you’re looking to create custom wedding jewelry, I would love to meet with you and brainstorm ideas for your special day. Creating custom wedding jewelry is a favorite design challenge. Contact me today to learn more.

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