Often when I’m out and about doing my markets, I’ll have young girls come by eyeing my jewelry designs. They always love how sparkly and shiny the designs are. But, more often than not, my sizing isn’t quite right for them. And that’s because most of my designs are for older adults, not younger girls. And, while I pride myself on creating affordable crystal jewelry for adults, the pricing isn’t very kid-friendly.

Last fall, one of my friends suggested that I begin creating more jewelry for younger girls. She has two daughters who love my designs, but those they love most are often too long and bulky for them. This was one suggestion that really hit home as a worthwhile idea to look into.

Starting earlier this year, I began crafting more simple jewelry intentionally designed for younger girls. These designs are created using bold fun colors and have the same flash and bling as my adult jewelry. However, the earrings are meant to be less complex for smaller ears, and the necklaces are shorter in length making them perfect for younger girls. Shop all the designs I’ve created to date as part of my kids jewelry collection now in the Kids Jewelry section of my Etsy Shop.

These offerings come as I’ve designed my other collections this year. Unlike my other collections, I anticipate that I’ll be adding designs continuously as they are created, so check back often to see my latest designs as they’re added to the shop.

What designs would you like to see created as part of these offerings? Drop your comments and suggestions below in the comments.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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