When you make your own jewelry, the focus is often on the jewelry itself and less on what happens once it’s purchased. But how you present your jewelry to the customer once they’ve made a sale is important. Here are some important jewelry packaging tips you can use to impress your customers and ensure their experience after the sale is positive.

Earring Backs

Earring backs are the little plastic pieces that can help hold ear wires in place when worn on the ear. While a seemingly small and unimportant, I’ve learned that people who use these components love when you include them in the final sale. I usually add them when someone is purchasing a set of earrings and include an earring card with the purchase as well. This keeps the earring set together and ensures they don’t get tangled on the journey home.

Bags and Boxes

Once a purchase has been made, it’s nice to include a bag or box to store the jewelry in. Bags are great for smaller items, and boxes work well for larger items. No matter what you choose, adding a logo to the item with a sticker, including a business card inside, and securing the item so it doesn’t shift can help keep items straight. Individual storage containers can all help ensure that the items don’t get tangled during transport.

Mailing Packaging

If you use an online store platform, what you ship your jewelry in matters. Consider the process of sending something through the mail and the wear and tear the item will receive. While it’s a small thing, receiving a package that is torn and looks worn could be a bad impression on your business.

If you’re opting for a larger envelope, reinforce key areas with clear tape to both keep the item looking clean and also helping support key areas. If you are shipping heavier items, use a box instead to withstand the wear.

And when you ship, don’t forget to include packaging to wrap around your items so they don’t break. Bubble wrap or tissue paper can be good low-cost options.

Additional thoughtful items

Sometimes including a few thoughtful extra items in a package can help a customer remember you a bit more. Including a hand-written note about the gemstones or materials included in the jewelry is one way to share your knowledge about the design with a buyer. Including a hand-written note is another way to say thank you. Or, include a fun gift like a sticker in your package to help your customer share the word about your business.

But don’t feel limited to something that feels promotional. If you want to think outside the box and find something fun and unique, that can help set you apart. If it’s part of a collection, including items that inspired you, tea, dried flowers, or other naturals are ideas that I’ve seen some jewelry artists include in their packages.

Jewelry packaging tips to impress your customers

Thinking a bit more about how your customers receive your jewelry, in the mail or when you’re done checking them out at a jewelry show, is an important often overlooked step. If you haven’t yet considered the packaging you use for your jewelry sales, it may be time to evaluate those. What special considerations do you use for your jewelry packaging? What jewelry packaging tips do you want to share? Share them below in the comments!

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