During the fall season, there are specific jewelry-making materials that I often reach for when creating jewelry. And over the years, I’ve learned that no matter how much I may want to try something else, I’m consistently drawn to these same motifs in my designs.

Here are a few of my favorite materials I love incorporating into my fall jewelry designs.

Leaves as pendants and charms

Fall is all about leaf-peeping. The hues of the leaves as they change from green to gold, red, or other shades in between are truly magnificent. In my option, this is the season when the trees come alive and shine.

And that’s likely why leaves are one of my favorite fall jewelry-making materials. Whether it’s necklace pendants in copper hues or small charms in my earring designs, leaves are truly some of my favorite shapes and items to use in my fall jewelry designs.

Luscious leather

Leather is a fun natural material to incorporate into jewelry designs. Whether it is used in place of a chain to create a tie bracelet or woven around beads or chains, I love how leather adds a unique texture to jewelry designs. But more than that, the variety of brown and natural hues make leather feel so quintessentially fall. Paired with a fun leaf pendant (one of my aforementioned favorite shapes to design with) or bold gemstone beads, it’s a favorite material to design with, especially in the fall.

Copper in all forms

There is no other season that calls for copper quite like the fall. When I’m crafting my annual fall collection, I reach for copper unabashedly, and often. Whether it’s copper accent chains, copper wire, or copper accent beads, it just fits perfectly with fall jewelry design. I can’t explain it; there is something about this rich metal that just works perfectly in the fall.

What I love most about copper is how well it goes with a variety of hues. With browns, copper stands out as an accent that simply shines. With blues, copper is the perfect opposite hue. With other red gemstones, the two colors perfectly complement.

Gemstones, especially earthy hues

I love gemstones with every season, but during the fall I reach for some that I ignore all year long. Smoky quartz, tiger eye, jasper, and even Larimer, these gemstones are a few of my favorites for the fall season and ones that I will always choose when I’m getting my color palette together for my fall collection.

Favorite fall jewelry-making materials

While I don’t exclusively use these jewelry-making materials in the fall, I do happen to reach for them more often during the fall season. Are there any materials that you find yourself using more in the autumn months? Share them below in the comments!

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