Each holiday season there’s a mad rush to find meaningful gifts for those on your list. Jewelry makes a great gift, and often carries your good-intentions to the wearer each time they put the design on.

To save you time, I’m collecting my favorite designs that would make great gifts for everyone on your list. Here are my jewelry gift ideas for the 2020 holiday season.

Druzy Necklaces

I love designing with druzy gemstones, that’s why I have so many different options. Whether you want a natural stone, or  more consistent surface, something simple or something more complex, I have several options for anyone on your list.

Tri-Strand Necklaces

With my May Flowers spring jewelry collection I created three different tri strand necklaces. But those weren’t the only designs I created in this style this year. I also have one that is more winter-themed. If you are buying jewelry for a gemstone-lover, this is the right design for them.

Tassel Earrings (or earrings in general)

As I began designing jewelry for 2020, I wanted to make sure that I had some fun earring designs available for sale. With this in mind I crafted a wide array of earrings, especially the ones I just released for fall. While they’re part of my fall collection, I see them working well for the holiday season too.

Stack Bracelets

Bracelets were another item that I wanted to spend a bit more time with this year. I created a wide array of stretch bracelets, and a few fun tie leather designs. Grab three to four for a friend who loves to stack bracelets on their arm.

Jewelry gift ideas for 2020

Hopefully, this guide helps you find the right gift for everyone on your list this season. If you’d like a few more ideas, check out my complete online shop for all the designs I have available. Or, message me to learn more about my metalsmith designs not available on Etsy.
PS: If you need more great ideas, take a look at the jewelry gift ideas I put together last year. These still make great gifts, even a year later.

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