If you make jewelry, craft shows are a great way to attract new customers and encourage sales. One of the most important parts of a craft show is to ensure that you’re correctly displaying your jewelry. When I signed up for my first craft show in 2016, I spent several weeks brainstorming what I wanted my jewelry display to look like and the overall impression I wanted to make. If you’re looking for jewelry display ideas for craft shows, here are some important considerations.

jewelry display ideas for craft showsConsider Your Jewelry Design Aesthetic

My jewelry is more modern with lots of sparkle and pizzazz. This means that the country-chic vibe that is so popular would not have correctly matched my brand; my jewelry would have looked very out of place. By the same token, the look that I went for may not work for you if your jewelry is designed with a more natural bohemian vibe.

Key Takeaway: Make sure you’re considering your overall design aesthetic when you are planning your displays. Customers will be confused if the whole display isn’t cohesive.

Consider Your Brand

What is the overall impression you want your customers to have after seeing your display? Just like creating a business logo or selecting a website template, be sure you’re giving plenty of thought to the overall table design as an extension of your brand.

Key Takeaway: Before you begin to throw components together stop and think about the big picture of your entire brand.
jewelry display ideas for craft shows

Pick Neutral Colors to Display On

I made sure to have a tablecloth for my table and I choose black because it worked the best with most of my designs (and is consistent with my brand). But I also had white napkins ready to display those designs that needed a more neutral background. No matter what you decide for your jewelry remember that the point is to show your jewelry in the best light possible. So don’t choose a background that will distract from the designs.

Key Takeaway: Your tablespace needs to draw your customer in, not distract them. If possible, opt for neutral colors to help your jewelry stand out and capture the attention of your possible customers.

Hang Your Jewelry if Necessary

Some jewelry will always look better hung. Get a special earring holder to hang your earring designs from. If you have a complexly layered necklace, get necklace forms to hang your designs from. Bracelets will look great stacked onto a necklace bar.

If you don’t have the traditional jewelry stands, improvise! Hang earrings from glasses or candle holders ad stack bracelets on a wine bottle. If you’d like other unconventional display ideas, Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration.

Key Takeaway: Remember to get displays that will allow you to display the jewelry as it would hang on the body. This will better help your customer imagine what it will look like on the body.

One last pro tip: don’t forget to bring a mirror so your customer can try on the jewelry and see what it looks like!

What other tips do you have for first-time craft fair attendees? Share below in the comments!

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