The main reason that I attended the Tucson Gem show earlier this year was to buy my supplies for the next two years. As I have with every trip, there were a few Tucson gem show 2020 buys that I found immediately inspiring. Here are four designs I dreamed up with my Tucson gem show supplies that I purchased. 

Arrow Hematite necklace

I’ve seen coated hematite in the past, but what I haven’t seen are these gemstones shaped into arrows. When I found them in silver and rose gold, I got very excited about the design possibilities. Once I had the chance to sit down and design, I created a beautiful necklace in silver and rose gold.

Druzy necklaces

The natural druzy that I found this year is probably some of my favorite to date (and that’s saying a lot since I’ve felt that way every time I find druzy beads). The strands I picked out this year have a spectacular shine and uneven surface texture that makes them visually interesting and something that shouldn’t be overstated. These beautiful gemstones demanded a simple design that allows the stones to be placed on display. Paired with either gold or silver chain the ending necklace is exactly what I hoped to create.

Mountain necklaces

The mountain charms I got from Nina Designs are quintessential Colorado. With our well-known mountain views, I just knew that these charms would do well here. That’s why I grabbed a few different styles at the shows. Each sterling silver pendant is paired sterling silver chain, and accents of hematite beads and dendritic opals.

Square Labradorite Necklace

The lovely square labradorite beads I found at the Tucson Shows begged to be featured in a necklace. So that’s exactly what I did with them. I was able to feature these beads in the front of this necklace. I even found some coated white agate beads in my stash so I could offer this design in two different colors.

Favorite Tucson Gem Show Supplies

I’m so happy that I had the time to turn these supplies into designs. Who else went to Tucson and came back excited to create? Tell us more about those supplies below in the comments!

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