When you begin to create jewelry collections, how you create a handmade jewelry collection isn’t the only important step. In many instances, the name of the resulting collection is sometimes as important as the jewelry within the collection. After creating jewelry collections (and viewing several from my fellow artists) here are a few tips if you’re getting started with jewelry collections.

Name after a season

I’ve often said that the season and time of year is inspiring to me as I create jewelry. If I’m already pulling inspiration, it makes sense to then use a seasonal name to describe the jewelry that goes together.

A specific material

I’ve seen other artists who craft collections using one singular type of material. When this is the case, it may make sense to name your collection accordingly. If you choose this tactic, it helps your buyers know exactly what is in the collection and what makes up your designs.

A theme from history

In many cases, periods of history or even worldwide religious figures can inspire a body of work. Of all tactics, this may be the one that is easiest, giving you room to explain the inspiration, themes, and motifs within the jewelry. I’ve found that this can allow for a lot of good inspiration, as the designer researches and pulls that into the resulting designs. The better a story you can weave with your jewelry designs, the more popular they will be with your buyers.
As a small note, if you do go with this option, be sure you’re being considerate of the history and culture that is inspiring the body of work. Nothing is worse than incorrectly citing something and being unknowingly insensitive.

Jewelry collection names

Hopefully, you’re inspired by these ideas for successfully naming your jewelry collection next time you create one. Is there something that you find yourself using when you brainstorm your most recent jewelry collection name? Share your tips below in your comments!

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