Recently, I started hunting for a way to customize jewelry hanging cards for my business. As I look to expand into stores, I know that customized jewelry hangers is a crucial part of expanding a brand and ensuring that my jewelry is correctly displayed.

Truthfully, printed marketing items is one of the biggest parts of having a well-branded jewelry business. From business cards you can leave on your table for customers to pick up, to tickers to place on packaging materials, the printed items you choose are more important decisions than you think. If you’re looking for a few recommendations for the different aspects of your business, here are three companies you can use for a variety of printing needs.

Vista Print

VistaPrint a very well-known printing website among makers. They offer a wide range of services, including business cards, printed marketing materials, and even customized swag. And if you’re looking to brand your booth space or include creative promotional products, this site has table cloths, banners, and a wide variety of printed marketing products. Create your design on the website or upload your pre-created designs.

West Pack

If you want to up your game and brand the packaging you ship your jewelry designs in, West Pack is the site to help you do that. This site has a variety of jewelry packaging that you can brand with your logo. If you want to customize the displays for your booth space, West Pack can do that too.

U Printing

When I was searching for a place to create customized jewelry tags, U Printing was the site I found. They can create tags that are pre-cut and have holes for earring studs. And, I even found the hanging tags to fold over bigger designs. U Printing does a variety of other printing items, similar to the earlier mentioned VistaPrint, but they also have some niche items that make them another great resource when searching for printers.

Jewelry Business Printing Options

Hopefully, these three sites offer your business printing options that cover all your needs. Are there any places that are your go-to for printing and marketing needs? Share your favorites below in the comments.

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