One of my resolutions for 2019 was to release more cohesive lines. It’s something that I’ve seen some of my favorite jewelry accounts do successfully for their business, and it honestly makes sense. Since 2017 I’ve found that I have been designing with more cohesive colors, metals, and seasonal themes. Creating a cohesive line seemed to be the next logical step.

For my first line, I present Into the Woods. Into the woods is an ode to my favorite season: winter.

During the cooler winter months, many bemoan the loss of the sun. They shy away from entering the outdoor world because it is colder and often filled with snow. But, if you have the right gear and a bit of bravery, when you journey into the winter woods you’ll find a peaceful picture; evergreens dusted with snow in an idyllic setting. If you look carefully, you may even find some red berries that haven’t been spotted by the wildlife, or some gold leaves frozen to trees from the fall.

With this line, expect to see accessories that incorporate many of these colors together into a wearable design. Each piece is perfect for the cooler months or those who aspire to channel their winter wonderland all year. The longer lengths are perfect for layered looks, and the bold necklaces stand out.

This line includes eight beautiful accessories I enjoyed creating on this theme:
Forrest Filigree Necklace
Winter Flower Necklace
Forrest Foliage Necklace
Winter Berry Necklace
Snowdrop Earrings
Winter Leaf Earrings
Wise Owl Earrings
Heart of the Forest Earrings
Red Icicle Earrings
Iced Leaf Earrings
Forest Flower Earrings

Shop the Into the Woods Collection today. These one-of-a-kind accessories won’t last long.

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