Instagram is a powerful social media platform for jewelry artists. The visual platform helps show off the handmade jewelry, and the stories feature can allow artists to show the process of making jewelry

There are several great Instagram business tips in this Social Media Examiner article, but I wanted to pull four of my favorite tips out and feature them here for you.

Evolve your strategy to match Instagram’s changing features

Like any good technology, Instagram makes changes to its platform pretty regularly, adding different features and filters. As these changes occur, be sure to invest time learning how they work and figuring out your strategy to conquer each. While it may seem strange to constantly be changing, ensuring your mastering these changes will help keep you relevant to your audience, encouraging more engagement and follows. Plus, as changes come your users will adapt to them.

Use Instagram stories to guide the buying decision

Jewelry artists have an advantage over other industries when it comes to showcasing their jewelry and their jewelry making process. Often, your buyers will see a finished piece of jewelry and not understand all the steps it takes to make. Instagram stories is an ideal way to show your followers how something is made, so use that! Going from sketch to completed piece is easy if you showcase the full process. Plus, Instagram stories have great engagement.

Follow through with your customer engagement

Loyal customers will show you love. Always make sure that you’re returning it by being ready to answer questions or reply to comments that may be left in your comments. One great way to encourage engagement is to let your followers leave questions in your Instagram story. Posting the questions with corresponding answers and tags can help you build a following that is loyal and feels like you care.

Hashtag strategy

Having an Instagram hashtag strategy is key for any business to be successful. Why? It allows you to be seen by the right people who follow certain hashtags and generate more exposure for your business. Be sure that you’re properly integrating the right hashtags to every post for maximum reach.

One of my other favorite strategies when it comes to hashtags is to create a custom hashtag for your business. This will not only allow you to tag your posts but to also allow your fans and followers to

Instagram business tips for success

Using these Instagram business tips can help improve your reach and stand out among the crowd. Are there other tips that you have for creating successful Instagram accounts? Share them below in the comments!

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