Last year I participated in Inktober 2019 and enjoyed flexing my creative juices. I was so inspired by my drawings, I decided to take my favorites and translate them into metal with my Inktober Metal Jewelry Collection.

So, this October, I once again decided to challenge my creativity and participate in the Inktober 2020 challenge. Like last year, I actually drew in pencil (breaking one of the cardinal rules). Unlike last year, I didn’t participate every day, and instead had three evenings of sketching when I drew a bulk of the designs.

One of the goals was to try and be inspired by the supplies I have. Several designs include gemstones that I have purchased. I’m excited about some of the creative takes I took. I also found that several prompts inspired my imagination, and I choose to interpret them outside of jewelry.

I hope to work with a few designs and better translate them to get ready for jewelry designs. I look forward to working with these designs and seeing how they become jewelry designs with a future collection.

Which design are you excited to see turned into metal? Share below in the comments!

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