Every October, artists are encouraged to participate in the Inktober 2019 challenge across social media. This challenge includes daily prompts that artists can interpret for their own medium in a way that makes sense for them. While I’ve watched many artists participate over the years, I decided that this year I would participate.

Over the last year, I haven’t sketched as many designs as I’ve wanted to. I choose to use this challenge as an opportunity to stretch my creativity. And to help make it a bit more productive, I dug into my stash of stones to try and design to those stones so I could finally utilize the supplies I have bought in the past.

The end result was better than I expected. I found the different prompts challenged me and my creativity. The more I drew the better the sketches were and the more interesting each design became. I ended the month with a few ideas that I’m really excited to create.

I’m excited to continue this challenge next year and even more excited to see the designs I created in metal.

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