Whenever you create a unique promotion for your business, an old marketing trick to maximize reach is to have supporting imagery for your promotions. Whether it’s an email banner image or unique social media imagery, your promotional imagery is important. But, it’s equally important to know what you should include to create effective visuals to support your offer. Here are a few image tips for promotions you can follow to ensure your visuals are as effective as possible.

Limit the number of words

Is it important to tell your customers about the offer? Yes. Should you include every single detail about your sale in a small Instagram image? Absolutely not. I can’t tell you the number of images I’ve seen with every single detail on the promotion jammed into it. It’s not eye-catching, and contrary to what you may think, your audience won’t read it, they’ll keep scrolling.

But what exactly should you include in your image? The key points. This includes what the promotion is, how long it lasts, a coupon code (if applicable) and where to go to shop. If you are having a specific sale with exclusions and additional details, it may make sense to create a unique website page with this information and to include that link.

Eye catching design

It’s important to include a visual element that will catch someone’s attention as they scroll. Photos or illustrations are the best way to grab attention. Make sure the image you choose isn’t too busy, and allows your text to be easily read. It’s also important to pick something that relates to your promotion, albeit a holiday of even a photo of your jewelry designs. If you’re using photos of your jewelry, use these tips to discover http://fifthessencejewelry.com/how-to-take-photos-jewelry-5-tips-pro/ how to take jewelry photos that will work well for your promotional images.

Contrasting elements

One of the most important things to consider with any design is to make sure that your audience can read your message. If your background is a photo, make sure there’s a spot with enough white space that text can be added. It’s equally important to use a contrasting color that stands out.

A few tricks I’ve used to help my type stand out are adding a slightly transparent box to blur the background image, adding a color box at the bottom of an image for text, or even adding a stroke to the outside of text. Remember, if your audience can’t read your message, the image isn’t useful.

Unique sizes for each platform

Nothing is worse than scrolling on social media and seeing an image packed full of text that isn’t the right size.

If you’ve spent time creating a beautiful eCommerce promotional imagery, it’s important to create unique sizes for each promotional application. It may be tempting to use one image size for every platform, but taking the time to design the unique sizes will create a professional look for your promotion. Use this handy (https://makeawebsitehub.com/social-media-image-sizes-cheat-sheet/) social media image sizing guide, and then check with your email platform to find the unique template image sizes.

Image tips for promotions

Hopefully, these image tips for promotions will help you create effective promotional images for your next eCommerce promotion. Are there are tips you use for your images? Share any tips I may have missed below in the comments.

Photo by Thanzi Thanzeer on Unsplash

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