It’s no secret that I love the cooler winter months. Each year, I look forward to the dark cold and the calm after the busy holidays to focus inwards and have some much deserved time to myself. One of the other things I love about winter is running in the cool temperatures. One of my favorite routes takes me around a lake that freezes over, and the sight of the ice mixed with the freshly fallen snow is something to behold.

It’s these winter hues that inspired this collection. The whites, silvers, greys, and even deep blues combine in a spectacular winter lake scene. Like last year with my Sparkling Snow jewelry collection release, I used whites, and silvers as the consistent color palette. To match my color expectations I incorporated labradorite, cracked quartz, iolite, and druzy gemstones in white and black. To add a bit of sparkle, I incorporated crystals for a sparkle that matches freshly fallen snow. The results? Simply spectacular.

As always, shop the full collection in my Etsy Shop. I hope that you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed crafting each item.

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