In 2019 I set a resolution for myself: I wanted to create more jewelry that centered on a theme. Why exactly did I set this goal? I noticed that several successful jewelry businesses used this strategy and I wanted to try it for myself.

With this in mind I created a release strategy for my 2019 collections. While I created some beautiful items, I also learned some important lessons along the way. Here is what I’ve learned about how to create a handmade jewelry collection.

Time your releases to the seasons

The changing of the seasons inspires new wardrobes and changing attitudes about color. If you’re considering new jewelry collections the seasons are a great time to release new collections. Timing your releases to match the color trends (like the < href=”” target=”_blank”>fall 2019 Pantone colors) and to incorporate new styles and trending materials. This will help your jewelry look on-trend and make it irresistible to those looking to update their accessories.

Pick a holiday to design to

Holidays are personal to people with a lot of meaning and memory. Pulling your own inspirations and tying them to a holiday is a great way to find inspiration for jewelry collections. Plus, for some holidays like Christmas, the season almost begs for jewelry to match the surrounding festivities. Consider the stigma around the holidays and have pieces to match.

Don’t over create

If you’re creating several collections in a row, do your due diligence to leave enough time to fully explore and design. In my experience, if you try to do too many collections you’ll feel rushed and unable to fully explore your creativity. Taking time to be inspired and create shouldn’t be rushed; drop dates can easily be moved if needed.

Incorporate a range of pieces

Every person enjoys wearing jewelry. But not every person likes necklaces, or bracelets, or even earrings. So when you create a collection, don’t only make necklaces (unless that’s the theme of your collection). Instead, make a wide variety of different accessory types to appeal to those different people. This can help draw as many buyers to your items as possible.

How to create a handmade jewelry collection

If you’re wondering how to create a handmade jewelry collection, these tips will help it be as successful as possible. What tips have you learned from past collections you’ve made? Share them below in the comments!

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