When I’m at my booth interacting with shoppers, I often hear that the person is trying to find the right jewelry gift for a friend or relative. More often than not, I’ve been able to guide the person towards a decision, but there are always a few questions or bits of advice I use to help with the decision. If you’re considering buying someone a piece of jewelry as a gift, here are some questions and pointers you can ask yourself to make the process easier

Do they have a favorite color?

One of the first places to start when you’re searching for a jewelry gift is with a favorite color. Typically, this is a color the person wears most, so finding a complimentary accessory can usually fit in perfectly.

Do they have a preferred or favorite gemstone?

The next question is if the person has a favorite gemstone. This can help me point the person to a design featuring that gemstone or towards a gemstone that is similar. Again, this is another great way to match a design to a particular taste.

What style of clothes do they wear?

This is another good baseline question. If someone dresses in button-down shirts I’d recommend something completely different from someone who dresses in flannels. Thinking of those consistent looks can help best pick the right accessory that fits with the wardrobe.

Is there a piece of jewelry you see them wearing often?

Does the person you’re buying for wear a new pair of earrings every day? What about necklaces, are those a favorite? Buying something that someone wears infrequently means it likely won’t get worn. So when you do buy, make sure it’s something you see someone wearing often.

Do they like jewelry?

Truthfully, this is probably the most important question, because if you’re going to spend the money, you should be sure the person will like the gift. I can happily offer a variety of jewelry gift ideas, but if they don’t like jewelry, my recommendations won’t mean much. So, carefully consider this before you purchase.

Tips for buying the right jewelry gift

Hopefully, asking yourself these key questions will make it easier to buy jewelry gifts. Do you have other tips for picking out jewelry for friends? Share your tips below in the comments.

One thought on “How to buy the right jewelry gift for others

  1. Thanks for your tip about using the persons’ favorite color before buying jewelry pieces for them. My best friend’s favorite color is blue, so I can only think of sapphires and labradorites. I’ll try to use this preference while I shop for good necklaces that I can give her for Christmas.

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