I’ve had the pleasure of working with several brides to create different wedding jewelry for the bridal party when I worked with my friend Kristen to create her handmade wedding jewelry last year, she asked me about custom bridal jewelry options as well. This was shockingly the first time I’ve received this question.

But after giving it some thought, I realized that when answering the question of how to accessorize a wedding dress, you should approach the topic similarly to how you would with any outfit. Here are four suggestions on how to accessorize a wedding dress.

Statement Earrings

If you are opting for a wedding dress style that has a high neckline or one with a lot of detail towards the neck, a necklace would be lost. In this case, choosing statement earrings may be the right decision for you. Find some chandelier earrings with crystals for bling or pearls for a traditional look. Or, pick a chunky pair with a large gemstone to add some pop. Especially if you’re planning to wear your hear up, earrings are a great option in these instances.

Bold Necklace

For a strapless dress, necklaces are a great option. If your dress is more simple, picking a larger necklace with the decoration you want can really stand out. Or, if you’d like to keep it simple, choosing a pearl necklace or family heirloom jewelry can be a great option. Necklaces offer a wide variety of lengths that can also be stacked for brides who want to wear multiple designs. This is truly a versatile option for any bride.


The less considered option is a bracelet. While they may not be quite as flashy, bracelets can still be versatile. Stack multiple bracelets to create something that is eye-catching. Pick an accessory with gemstones, or even shimmering crystals for a look that stands out. Or, pick a meaningful charm necklace.

Hair Clips

These may not be traditionally thought of as jewelry, but they can still help compliment any wedding dress. There are lovely gemstone and sterling silver hair clip options. Or, more traditional pearl and crystal hair combs. If you’re looking for something to accent your hairstyle and add some pop without laying near your wedding dress, hair clips are a great option.

How to Accessorize a Wedding Dress Stylishly

Most of the time, when I’m how to accessorize a wedding dress, I want to pick something that compliments the dress and fits the bride’s style. Hopefully, these general tips and guidelines will help you as you make your decision. What kind of jewelry did you select for your big day? Do you have any tips to share? Share your answers to these questions below in the comments!

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