During the holiday season, many buyers expect to see unique sales or promotions as they flock to find gifts for friends and family members. For small jewelry business owners, coming up with competitive offers can be a challenge. With everyone layering exciting promotions into their holiday marketing strategy, your customers may be expecting you to offer some sort of special offer for the holiday season. If you’re hunting for holiday sale ideas you can use for your jewelry business this year, here are five different promotion ideas:


Coupons are perceived as a great value to buyers. They’re also a great strategy for smaller businesses because they can offer the draw without completely undercutting your bottom line. Offering a one-item coupon code is one strategy that can encourage buyers to purchase more than one item. Offering a percent off the entire purchase can also encourage shoppers to purchase more items because of the perceived greater savings.

Free gift with purchase

Offering a free gift with purchase can be a nice incentive for buyers to get a little extra something for buying from you with no additional cost to them. While everything that given away at no cost to the consumer still costs money to make, keep in mind that this item doesn’t have to be extravagant. In many cases, a pair of earrings that has a lower cost would be a great free gift. Smaller jewelry businesses could offer this promotion for higher purchase amounts spent or for more items purchased. It could be the extra motivation a buyer needs to spend more with you.

If you’re worried about this cutting too much into your bottom line, set a time limit on the promotion or limit it to a single day. You could also only offer a certain number of free gifts available only to a set number of buyers. This can help create the feeling of scarcity, another tactic to get people to buy.

Mystery bags or gifts

Offering a mystery item for sale can increase its appeal. To accomplish the mystery gift, wrap up several jewelry designs in bags and charge a lower price to choose one. In addition to being appealing to your buyers, it could be a great way to get rid of older merchandise that hasn’t sold.

Hold a sale

Sales can seem scary as a small business, but the key is remembering that you have the power over the sale parameters. Offering discounts on every item can be one strategy. Having different levels of savings depending on the type of accessory is another technique. Dropping prices for a set amount of time can be another way to create an effective sale. The key for every small business owner with this strategy is to ensure that you are still turning a profit for your business.


BOGO, or buy one get one sale, are great incentives that allow for a lot of flexibility for those coordinating the offer. You could offer the next item for a high percentage off when someone buys one item. You could offer the second item for free when one item is purchased. Or you could offer an item for free if someone purchases several different items from you. As with all sale ideas, make sure to choose the offer that works best for your business.

Successful holiday sale ideas

Choosing one of these five different promotion ideas for your holiday season will be sure to delight your customers and increase their spend with your small business. What questions or ideas do you have about holiday promotions? Share them below!

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