Every year I write different posts dedicated to different holiday marketing tips. The goal is to give small jewelry business owners (and all small business owners) ideas for how they can maximize their sales. Because it’s best if you practice what you preach, I’ve taken many of my own tips and tried them to varying levels of success.

I wanted to share what I’ve been successful with during past years and share a few of my strategies for the coming holiday season. Here are four different holiday marketing tips I’ve used and the successes I’ve seen with each.


Coupons are one of the easier holiday sale ideas to implement as a business owner. They come in two forms: as a dollar amount off, or a percent off. The idea behind them is to encourage your buyer to spend more than they normally would to save. They are also a great way to encourage sales from someone who’s a bit gunshot about buying in the first place.

For my business, I usually offer some sort of coupon offer once a year. I’ve tried offering percents off with… very little success. For this reason, this holiday season I plan to offer $10 off a purchase during the first week in November and to promote it heavily to encourage online and in-person sales. My goal is to see more success than I have in the past.


Discounts are when you manually offer a discount on an item so the buyers can see it. Like coupons, this encourages those who may not otherwise purchase something. It’s also a great way to get older inventory moving.

I shy away from blanket discounts because if you use this too often, the buyer sees no reason to pay full price on an item. To help limit that, I’m planning to try this tactic on a category of jewelry only.

Mystery Grab Bags

Grab bags are a fun holiday promotion idea and a great way to upsell adventurous people. Pick a dollar amount and include a few items in a bag at that value or slightly over. As a buyer, it’s fun to know you’re getting a steep discount on a few items that you have no ability to see before you buy!

I tried this tactic last year during my holiday shows. I saw a few sales, mostly from friends and prior buyers who know my quality. For jewelry, I think it’s more difficult because it is such a personal buy. But, for other businesses, this could be a great tactic to test.

Free item with purchase

Adding a free item that has a lower cost to make is a great incentive to buy. Plus, buyers can see this as a nice way to get something for them when they buy for a friend.

Personally, I haven’t tried this as a promotion, only as a way of saying thanks to customers who are frequent buyers. This season I plan to test this out for the first time and I look forward to seeing the response I get.

Holiday marketing tips at work

The holiday season is a time of several offers for buyers. Using these holiday marketing tips can help you stand out, and I have seen success from using these with my business. What tactics have you tried during prior years? Share them below in the comments!

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