Most would agree that the holiday season kicks off in early November. For any jewelry business owner, it means this time of year is particularly stressful; you need to manage your inventory, book events, and make sure you’re managing your promotions and offers to encourage your shoppers.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed just thinking about all the work you need to do for your holiday marketing strategy, then start by making sure you’re organized. Here are three great ways jewelry business owners can use to stay on top of their marketing organization for a less stressful season.

Create a Cohesive Strategy

Reaching your full audience takes different channels of communication which is why it’s important to consider every platform and determine what efforts you’ll take to market your jewelry in each.

Make sure you’re adding in emails and social media posts to promote upcoming events and promotions. Layer in messages that are fun and honor the season. Schedule different promotions that span different lengths of time. Create interesting offers throughout the season. Doing a little bit of all of these things will help engage interested customers and keep them returning to see what’s next.

Start Early

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re just starting to think about your strategy in early November there is no way that you’ll be able to successfully implement a strategy for your business. For the best success, begin thinking of all the different elements in August so you have time to not only brainstorm your ideas but also implement them.

Once you’ve brainstormed your full cohesive strategy, begin executing the different pieces early as well. While you don’t need to schedule the campaigns having the framework started will help save you time during the busy season.

Keep a Calendar

Many swear by their calendars, and that’s with good reason. If you’re trying to be on top of your marketing organization this holiday season, be sure to put everything in one place so you can easily keep track of your efforts. Color code the different promotion channels you are using and write down when your promotions start when different communication messages send out and write out when you need to promote upcoming events. Having everything in one place may be daunting to look at, but it will help give you a complete picture and help you track what efforts you need to focus on.

Your Best Holiday Season Yet

These marketing organization tips will help you stay on top of your holiday promotions and be less stressed out about the holiday season. Are there any tips that you swear by to help make your holiday season smoother and more successful? Share them below!

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