Brainstorming holiday campaign ideas for your small jewelry business can seem difficult, but one of the easiest ways to find inspiration is to look for it. And there is no better place to look during the holidays than some larger recognizable jewelry brands. Here are three holiday campaign ideas you can pull inspiration from and modify for your small jewelry business.


Swarovski did a great job seamlessly including their holiday hashtag right on the homepage, and what’s truly brilliant about the campaign is the fact that it is so clear to the customer. Further, when the customer clicks on the headline for the page reads “Spread Joy, Love and Sparkle” which further builds off the hashtag from the homepage.

How you can use this strategy for your jewelry business

Incorporate your own holiday hashtag to your holiday promotions by selecting something that builds off your overall strategy and adds clarification for the customer.

Kendra Scott

Right off the homepage, Kendra Scott has featured five gift ideas for anyone shopping for family or friends. This strategy means anyone visiting the website doesn’t even need to begin searching; they can click right onto the recommendations without hunting further.

How you can use this strategy for your jewelry business

Plan ahead and pick a few favorite designs that make great jewelry gift ideas for your customers. Then, make it easy for them to find these recommendations with a blog post or a prime location on one of your most visited pages.

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co rings in the holidays with a fun cohesive campaign that includes a fun video plus website imagery and beautiful graphics. They not only did all of this, but they included their recognizable teal color flawlessly to the campaign.

How you can use this strategy for your jewelry business

Tiffany & Co is very well-known for their simple elegant design and their teal color. They were able to make the otherwise spring-like color holiday festive. They also thought ahead about their strategy to make fun and festive video they could host on their website, pull imagery from onto the website, and host the video in a variety of places.

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