A wedding is about celebrating your love with your spouse with family and friends, but no matter how many people RSVP “yes” there are always those who can’t be there to celebrate with you. Honoring those who aren’t with you anymore is a challenge, and taking time out of your day to remember them is also hard.

I originally created my memory bracelet for my friend Kristin’s wedding. In addition to crafting her handmade wedding jewelry she asked if I could incorporate photos of her grandparents into a bracelet for her. I thought it was such a beautiful idea. And since then, I’ve really realized what a great way this jewelry design is for holding your loved ones close.

The story behind my memory bracelet

About three years ago I lost my grandmother and great aunt in a three-month span. My grandmother was expected, but my great aunt was much more shocked, and it was a loss I felt for several months after it happened. And I think the reason I felt the loss so much was because I believed (rather naively) that she would be at my wedding one day.

Feeling that loss was really hard. Knowing that no one from my grandparent’s generation was especially tough since I was the first in my family to miss that. As I was preparing for my wedding and figuring out how to honor them, I knew I wanted to create a memory bracelet for myself to have those I loved close to my heart.

In my bracelet, I included my grandparents on both sides, my great aunt, and my husband’s father who had passed away a few years prior. I also included crystals that were my wedding colors, so it all tied together.

As I sat in the room before going outside for the ceremony, I looked down at the bracelet and felt the love from all my family who weren’t there. I loved having them close to my heart for my wedding.

Creating a custom memory bracelet

Would you like to create a memory bracelet for your wedding day so you can have your loved ones close to your heart for your wedding? I’d love to help you!

It’s easy to create a memory bracelet for your wedding. I need four photos you’d like to include in the design, and a bit more information around d the colors you picked for your wedding or even your favorite colors. Then, I get to work creating the bracelet that includes your loved ones.

If you’d like to create a custom wedding bracelet, simply complete my custom jewelry form. From there, I will reach out so we can talk specifics and get to work. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than a month to complete.

Let’s get started now; contact me today!

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