I so enjoy designing handmade gemstone jewelry. I love the weight gemstones add to the jewelry, and for me, I like the natural color they add to designs. In many cases, I find that gemstones add a balance in jewelry design that is unlike other materials. Over time I’ve built up quite the stash of gemstones that I can use in a variety of ways when designing jewelry.

With the warming temperatures outside, I can feel the spring fever starting to take hold of my inspiration. This last weekend I decided to pull all the beautiful gemstones from my stash that match the springtime season. Blues, pale pinks, champagne golds, greens, purples; all of these colors were up for grabs, and I made sure to bring them all out to my workstation.

This act got me thinking about the go-to gemstones that I choose time after time, especially for spring-inspired jewelry designs. Here are five of my go-to gemstone selections for springtime.


I found some lovely black gold amazonite a few years ago and the different shades of blue mixed with browns and reds are simply stunning. I ‘ve been making this one of my go-tos for handmade gemstone jewelry this year because the different shades mixed together add a lovely natural look. The lighter hues also match the spring color trends. Amazonite is a powerful gemstone that brings anti-anxiety properties to the wearer, so it’s perfect to wear if you have a stressful job.


I fell in love with flourite five years ago. The purples, greens, blues, and browns pair so wonderfully together I often just leave the strand as is and add a focal pendant to finish the look. When I looked up flourite I learned that it can help neutralize negative energy around you, bringing the wearer positivity. This stone always makes me smile, and I feel like I’m channeling springtime vibes even when I wear it during the coldest winter months.


Tourmaline is simply lovely. It’s the first multi-colored bead I fell in love with and for good reason; the pinks, greens, and brown perfectly combine to make a bead that is the essence of springtime. Because of the rich colors, I use tourmaline as an accent stone for my jewelry designs. Tourmaline is said to bring love, joy, and happiness into the wearer’s life.


I don’t have to stress my love of amethyst to you all since I’ve been raving about it since I came back from Tucson this year with the lovely amethyst gemstone slabs. Regardless of this new addition to my stash, I’ve found amethyst so inspiring to my early-springtime designs. Purple and green pair so well together, so matching this stone with peridot creates stunning jewelry. Amethyst is said to help aid healing, so wear it when you need healing energy added to your life.


Quartz comes in many different hues, so I could find an application for it during every single season. For springtime, I reach for the pink hues of rose quartz. Rose quartz is considered a love stone, so it is indeed perfect for the springtime season that’s associated with love and new beginnings.

I hope these selections inspire you to create beautiful gemstone jewelry! If I missed any of your favorite gemstones for spring, be sure to leave them below in the comments.

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