I am not a huge fan of Halloween. It think it’s because I don’t have the imagination I wish that I had when it comes to costumes. Also, when it comes to locations within the US that have Halloween spirit, Colorado doesn’t rank quite as high as other areas with the deep-rooted traditions and fun fall decorations. Either way, for many years now, I haven’t embraced the Halloween holiday as much as I could.

I know there are many people out there who love Halloween as a holiday and consider it their favorite. I’ve been taking notes over the past few years, but I didn’t expect to actually create a Halloween themed collection. That all changed with one necklace.

I had some remnant orange beads from when I made my football jewelry a few years ago. I pull out some leftover orange beads, and before I knew it, they were paired with black beads, a coin style accent connector, and a white tassel. And the skull strand connectors I had in my stash waiting sealed the deal for this necklace.

The next creation I made was an all-black bling bead necklace that had seemed to evoke some magic within. I sang “Black Magic Woman” by Santanna the entire time I strung that necklace. Finally, I easily created cute pumpkin earrings from some fun orange beads. This collection really did come together easier than I thought it would.

I have some fun Halloween Jewelry necklaces from previous years that I’ve made with a Halloween theme using Susan Lenart Kazmer supplies. They include two involve Iced Enamel pendants in oranges and one triangle-shaped Ice Resin piece with orange glitter and the definition of pumpkin inside.

Every item I created is something I would wear to celebrate the holiday and fall. I hope you enjoy this fun Halloween inspired jewelry collection I pulled together. Shop all items in my Etsy shop »

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