It may feel early to start planning for Mother’s Day, but there are only four short weeks until the holiday. Don’t wait until the last minute to find a great jewelry gift for your mother. Here are a few handmade jewelry designs that any mom would be thrilled to receive.

If mom likes a bit of sparkle

Mom always shines, so getting her a sparkly accessory is a great fit. If your mom prefers earrings, the Sparkle Bling Earrings in silver are a great gift. This design goes with a casual look or something that’s more formal too.

If mom likes necklaces, the Sparkling Sunset Gold Necklace is a fun accessory to add a pop of gold and sparkle. If mom wants a more natural necklace look, the Shimmering Druzy Sparkle Necklace adds a pop of color and sparkle in a stylish shorter necklace.

If mom likes classic designs

Some moms are classy all the time. For the mom that prefers classic designs, the White Akoya Pearl Necklace is the ideal design. The unique shape of the Akoya pearls and white color make this an elegant necklace.

If mom like longer looks paired with a classic tassel, then the Dramatic Druzy & Tree Agate Tassel Necklace is the perfect gift for her. This lovely long look has bold gemstone choices and a classic tassel for a lovely accent necklace perfect for any mom.

If mom likes bold designs

Some moms enjoy bold colorful designs that make a statement. For these moms my bling necklaces make a great gift choice. If mom likes deep red color, the Fired Brick Fashion Necklace makes for a great gift.

For the mom that loves autumn golds and bright blues, the Autumn Afternoon Gold and Blue Necklace is the right choice. This accent necklace is great for warmer weather and a mom that loves those seasons.

If you want to create a custom jewelry gift

Some moms just need something completely different and custom. Whether you’re looking for resin photo jewelry or an accessory in your mom’s favorite colors, I can help bring your vision to life. If you’d like to work with me to create something for your mom, learn more about the process and learn how to contact me today.

Jewelry gifts perfect for moms

Every mom is unique, so hopefully, these jewelry gift recommendations are perfect for your mom. Shop all my jewelry designs to find a gift worthy of your mom today!

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