The holidays are an important time for any small business, and jewelry businesses are no exception to the rule. During the holidays your customers are often searching online for jewelry gift ideas. Make sure that you’re planning accordingly to make sure that you’re maximizing your online sales. Here are five tips to make sure your online handmade jewelry store ready for the holidays.


Sometimes shipping is an added expense that can tip your buyer’s purchase decision. Offering free shipping is one way you can help tip their decision to buy from you.

Offer a Sale

During December there are countless deals different companies will tout to encourage customers to buy. Offering your customers something, even if it’s just for a single day or a period of time, can help encourage them to visit your online store and buy from you. Consider a coupon that you can email out as a good way to start.

Return Policy

Giving your customers the option to return something they purchase will give them peace of mind when buying from you. Make sure your return policy is up to date, and easy to understand.

Refresh your Listings

If you item’s haven’t sold in a few months, it may be time to look them over and refresh them with new images, a new description, and maybe a different price just in time for the holidays. Updating your listings with season-appropriate images can also help.

Promote Yo’ Self

Don’t forget to encourage your customers to visit your online store. Schedule smart social media posts, create engaging email promotions, and boost your social media posts to expand your reach to a new group of people.

What other questions do you have about getting your online website in shape? Leave them below in the comments!

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