There’s something about the start of the year that inspires me to re-organize and clean my jewelry studio space. It’s likely because chaotic jewelry workplace organization from the previous year finally gets to me and I can no longer stand all the loose jumprings, single beads, and unused pendants cluttering my space. As I get ready to once again clean up my studio space, I can’t help but share a few storage ideas for jewelry-making supplies that will help keep any jewelry studio neat and tidy.

Acryllic trays

Somehow I have an endless supply of short-chain lengths, single beads, and loose jump rings laying on my space. That’s why having homes for these items is so key. Placing open acryllic trays on your space can help give these loose odds and ends a home, and help reduce the clutter on your workspace.


I’m a huge fan of shelves. Adding vertical space to house items is another great way to give yourself more space and get things off your work area. Adding containers on those shelves are great storage ideas for jewelry-making supplies, and customizing those to fit your unique supplies, be it metal files or sandpaper, is the most successful solution.


If you have several bottles or even containers filled with beads, a turntable may be a great way to store items in an easy-to-access way. While these are often used for spices, the same rules can apply in your jewelry space and allows you 360-degrees

Acrylic makeup holders

Repurposing things meant for something else is a great tip, and an acrylic makeup holder is a great way to store brushes, stones, and small items.

Storage ideas for jewelry making supplies

As you organize your space, remember to begin by thinking about how you approach design. If you start with a color, the way you store your supplies will be vastly different than someone who starts with bead or stone size. Hopefully, these storage ideas for jewelry-making supplies will help you make your space a bit less chaotic and a bit more organized.

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