Mixing the right color combinations in your jewelry can be tricky, but one of the best ways to mix and match color is to use colorful gemstones that already mix colors. I love using gemstones for jewelry making inspiration; there’s something about the natural color combination that feels right and is also inspiring especially in my handmade gemstone jewelry. If you’re looking for some colorful mixes of gemstones, here are a few of my favorites.


Greens, blues, and purple hues combine in fluorite. In most cases, the colors are more pastel, making them perfect for the spring and summer months. I love pairing these with a simple pendant for a natural design.


I love how amazonite mixes blues, browns, and yellows together into such an effortless match. The color combination is one that I could justify wearing year round as well. Whether you use them sparingly or use several together, your design will look beautiful.


There are so many different hues of quartz they make an idyllic combination together. If you want a fall hue, pair greens and browns together. For more of a spring and summer look, pinks and whites are the perfect combinations.


The browns, pinks, and greens of tourmaline pair so wonderfully together. This was the first multi-colored gemstone I fell in love with and I did so for good reason. Normally I would caution paring such bold colors together, but this gemstone does it so effortlessly. Plus, the wide range of color makes this gemstone a great compliment to any season.

Gemstones Offer Natural Color Combinations

Finding the right mix of gemstones is key to a successful design. Use any of these semi-precious gemstones in your next design to create a beautiful accessory with unparalleled color.

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