Improving email effectiveness is key to generating the results you want from a campaign. But like most thing, it’s easier said than done. If your emails aren’t generating the response you had hoped for, here are four things you can modify to hopefully improve your email campaigns.

Segment your list

Making sure that you’re sending the right message to the right people may seem like a no-brainer. However, if you’re blasting everyone on your large list the same message about bridal jewelry you likely won’t see the same positive results you would sending that message to brides. Segmenting your audience is a key way for improving your email click-through rates.

You can segment your list by sending tho people who perform a specific action or based on interests, topics, or past behavior. Then, test sending messages to these lists to see how your engagement improves.

Be thoughtful about your campaign

An email is a way to deliver your message directly to your audience with the purpose of achieving a goal. Before you hit send, consider the entire experience the individual receiving your email will go through.

Starting sending your campaigns at different times of day to see how the click rate improves. One very clear example of how the send time could improve your click rate is asking someone to visit your website to complete an action. If your website is not optimized for mobile, it doesn’t make sense to send the email during times that your user would check their email on a mobile device because their overall experience will be poor.

Focus on fewer actions

When you include different links and actions for your audience to take, they will often become confused. Try treating your email like a landing page with one clear focus and no unintentional distractions from your primary call-to-action (CTA). Start by removing unneeded links from your email to tighten up the focus to the main link you want your audience to click on. Also, try moving the position of your CTAs to be higher in the email so your audience doesn’t need to scroll to click.

Modify the wording of your call to action

Sometimes changing the email wording can encourage clicks. While you can include text links to get your audience where you need to go, adding a visual button can be the draw your audience needs. This being said, don’t overlook adding links in text or to images. The more opportunities you give your audience to click, the better.

Improving email effectiveness for wider reach

Ultimately, the more people who understand your campaign the more positive metrics you’ll see associated with your emails. Keeping these four tips in mind when you write your next email can help with improving email effectiveness for your jewelry business.

Have you tried any techniques for improving your email performance? Share any tips you’ve discovered below.

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