During the months of January and February, even the smallest jewelry business owners can be found in Tucson. That’s because thousands of vendors travel to sell supplies at a variety of different shows. I am certainly no exception. In fact, at the time of the publishing of this post, I will be on my way.

I skipped making the trip to the shows last year which means I’m extra excited to attend in 2018. Here are four different things I can’t wait to check out while I’m at the shows in Tucson.


Bezels are a key component of the resin bracelets that I make. I’d like to grow these in 2018 and reduce the price, and for this reason, I am looking forward to seeing what bezel options exist at Tucson. I plan to stop by several different vendors at To Bead True Blue.


It’s no secret that I use beads in several of my designs so it makes sense that this is one of the things I’m most excited to see when I’m in Tucson. Gem Mall is amazing for finding all sorts of beads, especially beautiful druzy and gemstone beads. I’m planning to make this one of my first stops so I can take advantage of all the opportunities and maximize my budget on one of my main materials.


The way I’ve used chain in my designs has evolved over the past few years. When I started making jewelry I was looking for basic chain I could use to extend the length of the necklace for the wearer. Today, chain is part of the overall design. For this reason I have my eyes open for unique fashion chain that I can incorporate into my designs.

New Finds:

Each year I attend the Tucson shows I am surprised by something that I wasn’t expecting to see. I love going in with an open mind for these treasures. I can’t say what these will be yet, but I can say that I’m looking forward to sharing them with you when I return.
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