So you’ve decided to create an email marketing strategy for your jewelry business recently? Excellent. The next step is to decide which of the different email platforms makes sense for your jewelry business.

One of the hardest decisions may be the most important: which email service provider to select for your business. Here are four of the best email marketing services for jewelry business owners.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the fastest growing email services for good reason. It’s easy to use and beginner friendly. It allows you to easily manage your lists, email campaigns, and templates.


If you have a huge ecommerce presence, SendGrid may be the perfect platform for you. You have the ability to segment your list and send different campaigns to each group, and the easy to use drag-and-drop interface is perfect for anyone who doesn’t know how to code.


Emma has many of the standard features of an email service provider, but it allows you to customize auto-responses. Emma is a great platform for those who have experience working with email.


I work in MailChimp, so I can speak to this platform more than the others. MailChimp is a favorite for small businesses because it provides powerful options for free when you’re just getting started. As an added bonus, they have several different pre-built templates so you won’t need to code (unless you really want to).

Now that you know more about four great email service providers and have more information about how to create an effective email marketing strategy, you have what you need to start sending email for your jewelry business. Leave your thoughts and questions below.

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