I took the year off from attending the Tucson Shows in 2017 to focus on the materials I already had in my stash. After a year hiatus, I decided to return to the show in 2018. During the three days I spent in town, I found some beautiful items that I am truly happy to add to my stash and inspire my future jewelry designs. Here are a few of my favorite buys from the Tucson Shows in 2018.

Druzy Drops

The first show that I attended when I arrived in Tucson was Gem Mall. I found some lovely gemstones, and while I was shopping at IGM I found some beautiful druzy teardrop beads. While slightly coated, they shined so beautifully I couldn’t help but buy them for my stash. I envision adding these to pendants to add a sparkling accent.

Amethyst Slabs

Every year when I visit the shows there is one unexpected strand of beads that catches my eye. When this happens I tend to give some thought about what I plan to do with the materials before undoubtedly buying the stones. This year, I found a strand of beautiful amethyst slabs that I immediately knew I wanted to add to my stash. They were so elegant I knew they would make stunning pendants for future necklaces.

Fashion Chain

I had the good fortune of meeting Keegan from Primitive Earth Beads through a mutual friend this year. After spending some time getting to know him, I knew I wanted to stop by and see his table at To Bead True Blue. When I did, I found some beautiful chain there that I was so excited to purchase. I can’t wait to weave some of these into my future designs.

Petrified Wood

I was searching for a gift while visiting the strip, and I found a slab of beautiful petrified wood in a box below a table. As I dug further I found two matching slabs that seemed to come from the same tree. Beyond that cool fact, the slabs were beautiful. I snagged all three and plan to use them as natural coasters.

Fretz Hammer

Bill Fretz makes exquisite jewelry using a variety of hammer and forming techniques. Part of his success is the tools that he uses. These are not only the ultimate tool for the job but also just visually appealing. This year I purchased my third Fretz hammer which I plan to use to create stunning textures on my metal jewelry designs.

I can’t wait to get into my studio and to start making beautiful jewelry with the items I purchased! Look for upcoming blogs featuring these beautiful supplies.

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