Blogging not only helps regularly update your website (rising the rankings across search engines), it also helps you grow your audience through organic search. And while the concept of a blog is nothing new, it is often dismissed as something simple to execute. But like most things, just because it seems simple doesn’t mean it is.

I recently read a blog post from Hubspot about common blogging mistakes. Here are four tips from that article that I found most helpful.

Write like you speak

A company blog is an extension of your brand and in the instance of jewelry makers, of you as a person. If you’re a warm person, your writing should be the same. There is no bigger blogging mistake than having a stiff writing style that doesn’t match your fun vibrant business brand. Make sure your writing style matches your overall brand and don’t forget to have some fun.

Make your topic-specific

Attention spans are short, so to keep attention, make sure your topics are specific. If you start with an idea that is too broad, you’ll end up with a long post that few will be able to follow. Break up the ideas for multiple posts and keep it simple.

Break up your ideas

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot brain dump topics you’re excited about. Nothing intimidates your reader more than a large block of text. Subheads are your friends. Not only will this help get your point across, but it’s also an important business writing tip that helps with readability as readers skim your content.

Cite your sources

Plagiarism exists, even online, and one of the biggest blogging mistakes is failing to cite your sources. It’s always important to link back to the resources you used to write your content. Always give credit where it’s due.

Blogging mistakes to avoid

These four tips stood out to me as four of the biggest blogging mistakes to avoid when writing content. Which tips stood out to you as particularly useful? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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