The Tucson Shows that are held annually in Tucson, Arizona are a must-see for any jewelry designer. Even if you only make jewelry for fun, you won’t regret taking the time to travel to Tucson to see the shows at least once. With shows that feature a wide range of the jewelry industry, it’s not only important to have tips for conquering the Tucson Shows but to also have an idea of which shows you plan to attend.

I have been fortunate enough to attend this show several times, and I definitely have my favorites. Here are five of my favorite shows that I make a point of seeing every year that I attend.

To Bead True Blue

I love this show because it features some of my most favorite vendors that I have the pleasure of working with. Each year I make a point to shop into this show and spend a good several hours to network and pick out some supplies for my business. Favorite vendors at this show include Nunn Designs, Jesse James Beads, LillyPilly, Impress Art, Leather Cord USA, and so many more.

Tucson Show Place

This is the old Ensuites show and is one of the best places to find the more interesting Tucson items including meteorites, corral, and fossils. I love swinging through this show to see the more unique items. The Barlow’s have the most fabulous gemstones at this show.


Every year I visit the strip with my friend and former colleague Karla Rosenbusch. We have a system of seeing the strip effectively, and walking the entire thing pretty quickly. Pueblo is one of the best shows on the strip (though trust me, it’s hard to pick one favorite) and is a great place to find lovely stones. I always stop at Bill Fretz’s table to drool over his beautiful hammers. I also love seeing the fossil tent outside of the show and finding unique gifts for friends and family members

Gem Mall

For someone who loves beads and working with lovely semi-precious stones, Gem Mall is a must. This show has such beautiful beads in high quality, and no matter what you’re looking for you’ll find it here. My favorite vendor to see is Dakota Stones; they have simply stunning high-quality gemstones here that I always make it a point to visit this booth.


While this show is a rival to AGTA and may not be viewed as high-quality, these two are one and the same in my mind. AGTA features some stunning faceted stones. I love walking the isles to see the beautiful craftsmanship of the stones. GJX is equally stunning with fabulous vendors that feature a variety of goods. Nina Designs, Gary Wilson, and John Heusler are some of the must-see stops at GJX.

Find your favorite Tucson Shows

Hopefully, my five favorite shows treat you well on your next trip to Tucson. Have you been to Tucson before? Which shows are your favorites? Share them below in the comments!

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