Over the last three months, I’ve been able to create three different jewelry collections that were different from one another and included some cohesive jewelry designs. I’ve also created more jewelry in that span of time than I ever have in the past. I did this all while working a full-time job and maintaining a social life (mostly).

The question you may be asking yourself is how I did it? I did it with my typical mix of planning ahead and finding the right inspiration.

Here’s the process I used for finding jewelry making inspiration that I channeled into my jewelry collections and how you can emulate my strategy for your own success.

Go into nature

Nature is the place that many go to heal themselves from the stress of daily life. There you can find untouched space, quiet, and areas of no cellphone connectivity so you can completely escape with your thoughts. In these spaces, be present and look at the area with an open mind. See nature and the unique sights and sounds there. Take note of the colors around you and how they blend together. And be inspired by the things you may not notice on first glance.

Use your supplies

For the Into the Woods jewelry line I released, I was inspired by the supplies that I had when created the jewelry designs that I did. The beads and materials I pulled to be part of that collection seemed to inspire me without any additional effort on my part. If you have any materials that seem to speak to you, tap into the creativity there to see what happens.

Choose a color

If you want to explore using a color you don’t normally pay much attention to, really researching and playing with that color can help you break out of your comfort zone and create some unique items. I did exactly this with my Pretty in Pink jewelry collection when I embraced pink, a color I’ve had mixed feelings about in the past.

Be inspired by your stash

Sometimes it’s as simple as seeing beads alongside different components to get me inspired to create a jewelry collection. Because I’ve been collecting beads for so long, I have a lot of options in a variety of colors and materials. Often, Jesse James Beads has some great components that speak to me and can inspire some great accent accessories. Mixing these with some of the gemstones I’ve collected can make a versatile collection that has a depth of color and offers some variety.

My trick is to pull all the elements that inspire me onto my surface. Somehow, I’m able to see through the clutter and find great combinations I wouldn’t see staring at my wall of beads.

Plan ahead

Even though I haven’t created jewelry collections before, with a bit of planning I feel much more productive in the jewelry studio. By considering some of the materials I have, holidays in the calendar, and seasonal elements, I have planned several of my next several jewelry collection releases. I also have a running list of good ideas and things that I find inspirational in a sheet so I don’t lose any of those ideas. By taking this approach it allows me to think ahead and plan accordingly so I can spend the necessary time creating the pieces I plan to release.

Jewelry making inspiration for beautiful jewelry collections

Using these forms of inspiration have helped me create jewelry collections, and they can help you too. Sit down and plan ahead what inspiration you’d like to use to create your collection, pull the elements you need to design and get making beautiful jewelry!

What process do you use when creating jewelry? Share your tips for success below in the comments!

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